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Rob's Top 10 Pound for Pound List

Rob's Top 10 Pound for Pound List.

*If you question a certain fighters placement or feel like a fighter has been left out. You can email me as both lists are open for debate.

1. Floyd Mayweather:

In the ring Floyd Jr. is a thinking fighter, relaxed fighter, smart fighter, displays an over abundance of speed, slick defense and athleticism. What else can you say? Can cement his legacy with a big win over De La Hoya. Needs to win a few more big fights though to be considered high on the all time great list.

2. Manny Pacquiao:

Quick fisted hard punching dynamo who is hard to beat when he's on. He's beaten Hall of Famers Barrera, and Morales, and dropped Marquez 3 times. Hard to beat his tenacity. Needs to avenge the draw with Marquez as they have unfinished business. Manny has been steadily improving under Freddy Roach so the best is still yet to come.

3. Ronald "Winky" Wright:

He's been this good for a looooong time, just that nobody wanted to fight him, Deserved the nod against Taylor. It's a shame the rematch couldn't be made. Next up is tough clash with Hopkins. Wright must be at his best against the sage Hopkins. A win here moving up in weight puts no doubt on how good he is. Just taking this fight shows the love Winky has for fighting the best and proving his skills. Now that is old school!

4. Bernard Hopkins:

Dominant performance of the worlds best Light Heavyweight places him here. I place him ahead of Jermain because I feel he beat him. Big fight with Winky coming up. If he wins that fight with Joe Calzaghe seems likely. Bernards longevity and professionalism deserves respect and attention. A TRUE PRO that is a dying breed.

5. Jermain Taylor:

Fought hard and well against Hopkins, and Wright, I just didn't think he won those fights to warrant a higher ranking. He is slated to fight Cory Spinks next.( Another Junior middle weight) If Jermain wants to be regarded as the best as he says he does, he needs to be in the bigger fights. Winky rematch anyone? How about Pavlick vs. Miranda winner? Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler await him at super middle. Jermain's technical flaws could be exposed in those fights as those fighters posses power.

6. Juan M. Marquez:

Big win over Barrera places him up on the list. Now the public knows why he has been avoided most of hos career. It now seems that the big fights that have eluded him for most of his career are now upon him. Pacquiao vs. Marquez must be made. If Marquez wins that one. That will solidify his claim as Mexico's best fighter even more.

7. Rafael Marquez:

The best fighter from featherweight down as proven in his war with Israel Vazquez. Rematch looms on the horizon. Expect another great fight. just like his brother Juan, Rafael is a dangerous well schooled fighter seeking to fight the best.

8. Joe Calzaghe:

Needs to follow win over Lacy with another spectacular performance to solidify his position, and to prove it was no fluke. Been champion since 98 but who can name 5 fighters of that list? Fight vs. Manfredo won't prove much. A win here demands that Kessler fight be made. If Calzaghe wants to be the best... What better way to prove it?

9. Jose Luis Castillo:

Throw back fighter, true blue collar fighter, hurt his status by the Diego incident that can be forgotten with a win over Hatton. This fight will prove who the best junior welterweight is. A win here for Castillo will be another feather in his cap of beating world class fighters.

10. Mikkel Kessler:

The unified WBC/WBA cannot be ignored any longer. Taming of rough Librado Andrade was impressive. Before that fight he unified against Beyer so he seeks to fight the best. His skills of sharp punching, speed, and footwork are eye opening and welcomed in the super middle weight division where Calzaghe dwells. Calzaghe vs. Kessler must be made!

*If you question a certain fighters placement or feel like a fighter has been left out. You can email me as list is open for debate.


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