Punch And Skip Rope Your Way Into Being Ripped!

This brief article will outline a boxing workout you can use to get shredded and take your conditioning to a new level

Take a look at these photos of Roy Jones Jr. and Shane Mosely. There pretty ripped aren’t they? Well I’m going to show you a sample workout that those same superstars use in one way or another in their own training to get ripped.

Roy Jones Jr. “Sugar” Shane Mosely

Jumping Rope:

First let me say that I feel jumping rope is a much underused training tool. It takes a lot of coordination, and rhythm to use this training tool. Don’t neglect it. Attack it!

To jump rope, simply begin by jumping low to the ground and moving the jump rope with your wrists. You must stay relaxed when jumping rope and jump low to the ground. You can alternate your feet also while jumping rope.

The more you jump rope the better you will get. Your conditioning will improve, along with your rhythm and coordination. Better yet, your waistline will begin to shrink!

Seriously this training tool will cut you up in no time if you stick with it.

Perform 2-3 rounds. 2 Min duration. Followed by a Min. rest between rounds

Shadow Boxing:


Shadow boxing is great for working on technique and warming the upper body up for the bag work to follow. Perfect throwing the jab, right, hand, and left hook.

To throw the jab, begin by stepping into the jab and transferring your weight and leverage into the punch. You want to keep your right hand up while doing this. Turn your shoulders and hips while punching.

To throw the right hand you want to begin from the ground up. Push off your foot while you turn your hips and shoulders into the punch. Once again turning your hips and shoulders.

Pivoting the ankle, and turning the hips, trunk, and shoulders into the punch throw the left hook. With all these punches you always want to stay angled up. You never want to square up while punching.

You can combine working on your footwork too with shadow boxing. This is great for total body conditioning. You will be burning allot of calories while shadow boxing. You will also be stripping that fat from your body.

Be sure to use a mirror if possible as it is impossible to have bad form while using the mirror. Keeping your hands up and punching while turning your hips and shoulders. This is very important.

Get into a zone feeling the leverage you get into your punches and finding your rhythm as you work on your footwork.

Perform 2-3 rounds - 2 Min.duration – rest 1 min between rounds.

Heavy Bag work:


The heavy bag work will make you feel just like that, like you have been worked. This bag really kicks your ass once you get comfortable working it.

You really just want to focus on getting all the leverage you can while working the heavy bag. This bag is all about power. Be sure to keep your wrists straight while throwing the jab and right hand.

While throwing the hook, you want to cuff your wrist. You can see in the photos above me doing this.

You will release allot of frustration and stress hitting this bag. Leaving you feeling calm and empowered afterwards.

The bag is not hard to hit. It just takes time and patience to master the form. Be sure to keep the form the same as in shadow boxing.

Soon your physique will be taken to a new level after working the bag. So will your confidence, as it will be like never before.

My clients from all walks of life love working this bag.

You to will be soon enjoying the dramatic positive changes they have been receiving.

Perform 2-3 rounds - 2 Min duration - 1 Min rest between rounds

• Depending on your conditioning you can perform 12 pushups in between rounds of jumping rope. You can also perform 15-20 reps of an abdominal exercise after shadow boxing and heavy bag work.

Rob Pilger of Pilgerstrainingsystems.com is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Level II USA Boxing Coach. He has successfully trained people using his boxing workout for improved fitness levels, and improved performance in their chosen athletic endeavor. Rob is also creator of The Ultimate Boxing Workout DVD. Please visit

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